Seven & Eight {31 Days of Wisdom}



There is no doubt that women are influencers.

I am teaching a class at my church right now and this week, some of the focus is on the way women are uniquely designed by God and are wired to influence.

Brain science supports scripture by showing females are born with an ability to pick up on non verbal cues, relate to others deeply and quickly and have what is often called “intuition.”

The Proverbs personify wisdom with the word she and at the same time warns of a very different type of woman is described in chapter 7.  This woman is divisive with her actions and also her words.  She causes others to walk away from the people they love and the God they love with what looks and sounds like it will satisfy in the moment. But in the end, her way leads to death.  Her intention is described as skillful, deceitful and cunning. She is often smart, sexy and cool, but uses all of that to the disadvantage of others.

You can get hung up on the world adultery in the proverbs and think, This doesn’t apply to me, but I don’t think the writer was just talking about violating a marriage bed, there is something here for all of us.  I have great friends who have walked through the pain of adultery and all of them would say, it wasn’t just about their marriage.

Wisdom on the other hand brings blessings according to Proverbs 8. She speaks of noble things and her mouth utters truth. She too is smart in the most practical ways {8:11} and has good judgment, insight and power {8:14}. Her wealth is enduring and her beauty is unfading.

All of this comes from within and must be nurtured within.

Every day with my husband, my kids, as a friend and neighbor I have the choice to go one of two ways.  I can go the way of wisdom or the other direction.

The good news is we have a God who is bigger than us.  Thought our paths will stray, He leads us through the valleys of death and will gently and lovingly corrects our ways in order that we may become whole with Him.

Today, Gracious God, help us keep our feet on the path of wisdom.

2 thoughts on “Seven & Eight {31 Days of Wisdom}

  1. I love following this. you really break it down in such a beautiful way and are helping me to understand what the proverbs are meaning.. you are bringing me to love the proverbs instead of just being confused by them. thank you suz. I love the contrast here from one chapter to another, God never leaves us guessing what he meant by what He said. And I love how you said it must be nurtured within… I think allowing the process of nurturing to unfold really takes the burden of us never attaining this character.

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