Nine & Ten {31 Days of Wisdom}

Our nature is to relate to others, to want to be with others, walk with others and live in community.

Many of us are introverts, need our time alone and prefer smaller crowds but we all have a built in need to be with people.  When we isolate, it eventually catches up to us and loneliness and sometimes despair eventually set in.

Proverbs 9 reminds us, Fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom and the knowledge of the Holy One is insight.  This verse 10 is nestled in the middle of 18 verses that describe two paths…The Way of Wisdom and the Way of Folly.

We can all go one of two ways and how we engage, or disengage with wisdom will determine our path and how we influence others along the way.

It begins with a reverent fear of Him who is greater than us, Him whose ways are higher than ours in ways we may never even understand during this short stay on earth.

With wisdom we build a house and her walls invite others to come and live.  But the way of folly will lead to a slow death led by the hand of stolen water and the secrets we try so hard to keep.

Proverbs 10 lays out the fruit of wisdom… and the fruit of folly:

A wise son makes a glad father

But a foolish son is a sorrow to his mother

Love covers all offenses

Hatred stirs up strife

The wise lay up knowledge

but the mouth of a fool brings ruin near

The hope of the righteous brings joy

but the expectation of the wicked will perish


This morning I am struck by the weight of influence.  How the tone for today in this home is set by me in the next 30 minutes when sleepy eyes begin to open.  There are two roads before me every day and along with me, I will take those near me.  As I walk, there are others I invite in.  My friends at the kid’s school, my co-laborers whom I love, the women who are so precious to me at church.  I can invite them into the way of insight or I can lead them to a path of ruin.  I can follow those who walk with integrity or I can go the way of sorrow.

The weight seems heavy, but He promises the yoke belongs to Him and it is easy and light and there is actually rest to be found there.

Rest in wisdom.

One of two ways.

Which way will you take today?

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