Eleven {31 Days of Wisdom}

When pride comes, then comes disgrace,

but with humility comes wisdom. ~Proverbs 11:2

A couple of years ago a fairly well known leader stepped down from his post, citing issues of pride as the culprit. Someone commented on the relief of many who were glad it wasn’t another “moral failure.” The commenter made his point that moral failures are just another expression of sin rooted deep in pride. Pride comes before the fall. If we can address the pride in a timely manner, we can prevent the wake of distress that follows a fall from grace.

I tend to lean towards pride being the root of most our sins… Well at least mine.

When I was in 10th grade, my grades dropped severely and I was afraid of the consequences I would face with my parents. I made a decision, a very bad decision, to change the grades on my report card and deceive my parents into thinking I did much better than I really did. What followed was not just sparing myself from the consequence, but I was rewarded for the grades.

Well, of course I didn’t pull up my grades. This went on for the following year and because of what I had started I kept going. I didn’t want anyone in my family to know what a failure and now a liar I really was.

One fateful day, my dad got the mail before me and the gig was up.

I was disgraced, humiliated, and strangely relieved to no longer have to lie and pretend.

The thing about Jesus is that pride comes before disgrace but there is always more grace for Him to dish out. As long as we have breath I suspect He will go after our pride and uproot all that stinks of us to make us more like Him.

A fall from grace is always met with a hand of Grace to pick us up and lift our eyes back to Him. And there is nothing like falling flat on your face to humble you and course correct you back on the road to wisdom.

That situation unraveling brought me closer to my parents and was one of the few times I felt we actually understood each other. I certainly was disciplined by my parents for my actions, but there was discipline I receive from The Lord through them that brought me to a deeper place with Him and grew me up just a little harder that year.

Even in times of disgrace, there are new graces to be discovered.

God, uproot the pride in me today so I can walk freely without fear of tripping over myself.

2 thoughts on “Eleven {31 Days of Wisdom}

  1. God moves when we surrender! Awesome transparency Suz. Humbled hearts draw close to the voice of our Maker. Staying on my kneese-it’s all for Him anyways right?
    Shine on!

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