Twenty-One {31 Days of Wisdom}

This time of year, especially every four years is my least favorite.

The only time I was ever able to keep up with what was happening in the political landscape was when I was a newlywed and the late John Kennedy, Jr. was publishing the magazine George.

Since then, I have yet to find a source I enjoy consuming as much and I have yet to find a candidate that I can fully get behind.

Call me apathetic or whatever but there are things I like about our current president and things I like about his opponent.  There are certain issues I can’t get past but I also don’t believe voting on single issues is wise.  I try very hard to “vote my values” or “vote my theology” but even there you can find people on both sides of the aisle.

Maybe it’s the whole “aisle” issue that puts me off in the first place.  In every personality test, team building test or what have you, I always come up high in the “let’s stay together” category.  I value unity and harmony so much so that it’s hard for me to live in discord.

The first verse in Proverbs 21 has always brought me comfort during these seasons:

“The king’s heart is a stream of water in the hand of the LORD; he turns it where ever he will.”

Trust me, I will vote and I will vote with as much information as I can get by next week.  And for the record, I think you should too.

But regardless of who wins, whether it’s your guy, my guy or our guy…regardless of what passes or doesn’t pass, we can’t lose sight of our King, the One who never vacates His throne.  I don’t belong to this kingdom and neither do you. Our Kingdom is led by One who is Just and One who loves mercy and provides for our every need.

If things don’t go my way, your way or our way on November 6th, it’s a waster of time to fear some ominous situation will happen to our country, our economy, or whatever…

Our days are numbered and have been thought through with every breath since before the earth was formed.  So if you believe that, we should fear God – not man and certainly not some email that was forwarded to you and a hundred other people by a well meaning person.

If the president’s heart is a stream of water in the hand of the LORD, it is far more productive for everyone involved to let Perfect Love cast out fear and spend our energy praying for him instead.

Join me in praying for both President Obama and Governor Romney. We can trust God will do what He says He will do and turn the man’s heart where ever He will.

And maybe as we pray…we’ll get to see more of what God is doing in this world He spoke into being.


This is day 21 {sort of} of a 31 Days of change series on Wisdom.  You can go to the archives here to start from the beginning and you can go here to see posts from other 31 Dayers.

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