Twenty-Two {31 Days of Wisdom}

Since the age of 18 when I got my first credit card, I have gone in and out of debt.  From credit cards, to medical bills, to school loans and now a house, I have paid off…racked up…paid off…racked up and paid off.  Not it’s not just me, but we…

A few years ago, we went through a small group study called Crown Financial.  It was during that time when a light bulb went off for me and I put a box around this verse:

What became clear to me was that I, the borrower, had become slave to many lenders, there by possibly keeping me from serving freely in the way I wanted to.

It was keeping me from being as generous as I would like to have been. 

Keeping us from giving more than we were able to.

Since the change in perspective, the road hasn’t been easy but thankfully God has been gracious, creative and patient with us.

We have learned how not to become enslaved and plan to never go there again.  We have learned how to be better stewards and serve one master.

If you like so many people right now are struggling to get out of debt, become wiser financially, I can’t say enough about Dave Ramsey… his class was so helpful to us and complimented the Crown Financial material in such a practical way.  Simple Mom also has some great tools and advice as well as many cost saving tips for everyone…not just moms.

It can be a long haul but it’s so worth it.  It’s for freedom Christ has set you free.  Don’t give up your freedom and become the slave to a lender.




The Day I Pull It Together

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Last week was a crazy week preparing for the Women’s Retreat for San Diego First Church of the Nazarene.  It was an amazing weekend where God showed Himself to be so big, so sovereign and so good.  I hope to write more about it this week.

But When I left the house on Friday, I left it a mess and came home to a bigger mess.  This is fine by me because I’m thankful my family releases me freely to do things like speaking at retreats, but the day after needs to be what I call the day I pull it together.

Today, I will clean, do laundry (and Lord willing, fold it and put it away), balance the budget, pay some bills and menu plan for the week.  There are so many other things I need to get done as well, but I’ve realized if I neglect these areas of my home for too long, then everyone feels frazzled.  Every one’s responsibilities (not just my own) seem more reasonable and less over whelming when there is order in our home.

Does it mean it’s perfect?  Absolutely not… but it makes us all feel better and focused.

What is it that you need to do to help your life flow better?